IRS Representation

IRS Audits

  • Professional representation can be vital during an audit. I know how the IRS operates during an audit and what is needed to protect my clients. I know what the IRS is allowed and not allowed to do. I will present your situation in the most accurate way so that you pay the least amount of tax within the confines of the law.


  • If you have not filed some of your past tax returns or fallen behind in your tax filings, I can help you get back on track.

IRS Collection Alternatives

  • I can help you negotiate with the IRS about any back taxes and penalties that you owe. I can also explore with you various installment plan possibilities.

  • You may be eligible for an Offer in Compromise which allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. This may be a legitimate option if you can’t pay your full tax liability, or doing so creates a financial hardship. There are many payment options available and I will help you to obtain the best possible outcome.